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How to earn OJX Coin from De-fi Staking OJX Masternode

Dear OJA friends,

We are so excited to release our new OJX desktop wallet V.1.0.0. It’s not only developed to store and mine OJX coin from the mining pool, but It also comes with a very interesting De-Fi Staking feature called Masternode.

By running Masternode in your desktop wallet, You will help the miners to verify new blocks and perform special roles in governing the blockchain.

Every Masternodes will earn 50% of the block rewards when a block has been successfully mined by the miners. Miners will earn the other 50%. For example if a block rewards 125 OJX, miners and Masternodes will receive 62.5 OJX from each block.

The requirement to activate the Masternode is to deposit the collateral fee of 7500 OJX and run the command written below.

Setup the control wallet (1/2)

Open your OJX Coin Wallet and wait until the wallet fully synced with the blockchain.

  1. Go to “Tools”.

2. Click “Debug console”.

This is the console where you will execute all commands.

3. Create a masternode private key. Enter command:

masternode genkey

Example output


4. Get your collateral address.

getaccountaddress “MN1”

Example output


Keep note of the masternode private key and the collateral address for step 2.

5. Deposit 7500 OJX to this collateral address

And wait for 20 confirmation

Setup the control wallet (2/2)

  1. Go to Tools again
  2. Click Debug console.
  3. Enter the following command.

masternode outputs

Example output


“06e38868bb8f9958e34d5155437d009b72dff33fc28874c87fd42e51c0f74fdb” : “0”,


4. Go to “Tools

5. Click “Open Masternode Configuration File”.

6. Modify the following line and paste it into notepad.

MN1 75eqvNfaEfkd3YTwQ3hMwyxL2BgNSrqHDgWc6jbUh4Gdtnro2Wo 06e38868bb8f9958e34d5155437d009b72dff33fc28874c87fd42e51c0f74fdb 0


MN1 — Alias for your masternode. — External IP of your VPS or — Local IP if you use your personal computer.

9999 — Replace with P2P port of your coin eg. 23777

75eqvNfaEfkd3YTwQ3hMwyxL2BgNSrqHDgWc6jbUh4Gdtnro2Wo — Masternode private key from the command “masternode genkey”.

06e38868bb8f9958e34d5155437d009b72dff33fc28874c87fd42e51c0f74fdb — Transaction hash from the command “masternode outputs”.

0 — Single digit from the command “masternode outputs”.

7. Save the file and close the notepad.

8. Shutdown your wallet and re-open your wallet.

9. Go to “Settings”.

10. Click “Unlock Wallet”.

11. Enter your wallet passphrase and unlock your wallet.

12. Go to “Tools”.

13. Click “Debug console”.

14. Start your masternode using the command.

masternode start

That’s all. Happy Staking !