The new definition of decentralization

Resolving the unresolved.

Fast transaction
45 seconds on average
Zero transaction fee
0.0001 OJX / tx
World-class security
17x  protections algorithm
Eco-friendly & Sustainable
ASIC-resistance hashing

Power up your
business with OJA Coin.

Increase your customer loyalty by rewarding your customers with OJA Coin. Join and start complement your customer. This exclusive program is set to support local and digital brands to unlock the new potential era.

Real time network

Powered by OJA Blockchain that allow a real-time and secure loyalty reward creation and redemption.

Greater engagement

Issue your own brand's token and choose from a wide-range of proven loyalty programs.

OJA Loyalty Platform

Store safely, make payment, and earn rewards.

Experience blockchain technology in the easiest way. You can use OJA wallets 24/ 7 and transfer funds at very low transaction fees and at high speed. Store, transfer, mine and earn OJX with OJA Wallets.

Be part of the future with OJX

Join with our fast-growing community and 50.000+  holders.

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