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Turn from $100 into $13,000 with OJX in the bearish market

So, We’re started from the June 17th when OJA Coin (OJX) is listed at crypto exchange based in Singapore, Coinstore.

Everyone was excited and wait for the moment to trade OJX with the USDT.

Millions of OJX were traded. Dumpers were dumping massively for their own benefits. The value went down drastically to -99% which was quite shocking for most of people.

But for those who keep trusting the team by following the updates and recommendation, would stay calm and sit relax. Because the situation was totally expected and normal.

And it was correct. It didn’t take much time for the OJX to recover its value back to its initial valuation as on the 1st pre-sale/ICO price.

From the lowest value at $0.000179, OJX slowly but sure was reaching $0.025. That is more than 12,900% increase within less than 2 weeks!

No other project has ever recovered its value that fast as OJX. Especially in this bearish crypto market nowadays.

But, It wont stop here. Along with the utilities development the team is working on and the community growth, We believe this is just the beginning.

We aim for much more massive increase in the near future.

Keep believing. The new definition of decentralization is coming.

Buy OJX today: