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Swap to OJX

OJX is ready!

We call every holders to swap their coin to OJX since the former OJA Coin development will be discontinued.

Swapping will help also to stabilize coin valuation and does not crash due to high possibility selling trends during the initial listing.

There are other many reasons too why swapping plays very important role to stabilize our coin for now and in the future.

OJA Coin V2 (OJX) is better

OJX blockchain has better features than the former OJA Coin. It is faster, still low on transaction cost, more secure and more power efficient thanks to updated ASIC-resistance hashing algorithm and consensus.

Decentralize Finance (DeFi)

OJX blockchain consensus will switch from PoW to PoS with a Masternode. This allows everyone to stake their OJA Coin (OJX) and earn unlimited rewards from the mining pool shared by the miners.

Reducing the circulating supply.
By swapping OJA to OJX, it will reduce the circulating supply up to 75%, which makes the circulating supply less, and scarce which stimulates the valuation to go up.

So here is the OJX swap rate:

OJA Coin x OJX swapping rate

Frequently Ask and Questions (FAQ)

1. What does swap ratio means?
The swap ratio is an exchange rate between former OJA Coin and the new version of OJA Coin (OJX). When you own less than 720 OJA Coin, it falls under tier 1 with ratio 1:1, means you will receive the same amount. But if you own 10.000 OJA Coin, it will go through all 3 tiers of reducement. See the table above.

This ratio will correct the number of circulating supply in the network, to make the distribution more fair for all holders and bring much more value into the project. Swap today!

2. Where does the reduced supply go?
It goes back to the mining pool along with unsold coin during the pre-sales and ICO too. (Estimated total approx. 100 millions coins will be returned)

3. I don’t want to swap now. What option do I have?
Current version of OJA Coin will be discontinued sooner or later, which means You need to swap your coin to OJX anyway.

If You don’t want to swap now, You can participate our Staking program where you can benefit up to 100% interest (APR) and the coin will be automatically converted to OJX. (limited time and supply allocated). Stake your coin here

4. What else will change due to this swapping plan?
Thanks to updated blockchain technology, less circulating supply, high difficulty mining level, increased number of holders, number of committed stake coins (so far has reached 35 millions) and big things happening on utilities development, We confident to increase the initial listing price plan of OJX from $0.10 to $0.25 during the exchange listing.

5. Who needs to swap the coin?
Everyone who is holding former OJA Coin will need to swap their coins using our platform. ICO participants and Stake participants wont need to swap their coin. Their coins will be automatically swapped into OJX.

6. When and where can I swap my coin?
Feature “Swapping” will be available at OJA Web Wallet V3 ( from 2nd week of April till week 4th. You can only swap your coin once, and not partially.

7. What if I miss to swap the coin?
We will still allocate some supply for those who may have missed or forgotten to swap the coin now. However the supply may be limited and we can’t guarantee will always be available. So we suggest you to swap it during the swapping period while the supply is allocated.

If you have any question or comments regarding this plan, you can discuss about it on our Telegram group at

Be part of the future. The future is OJA.